Oooops… I did it again 😊

I registered myself for the next 5K!

As mentioned in one of my posts before, I quit smoking last year (August) and started running (for the first time in my life) 2 month later – to test my increased lung function! And to motivate myself I registered for the 5K-Critter Trail (November 18th). That gave me about 5 weeks to train for the event…

Right during my first training session I realized that running isn’t as easy as it looks like. At least not for me. After a couple of steps my leg muscles were singing hallelujah. I had to stop and walk for a while (btw no problems with breathing at all). All the following trainings were the same way. My time got better, but I couldn’t run a single mile. I always had to go back to walking in between.

Race day came, and I started doubting myself and my sanity badly. What in this world got me to register for a 5K? But I got my act together and did it. My time was a bit better, but nothing worth mentioning. At least I didn’t come in last! And I felt awesome! I had done something I had never done before! At my age!






I was planning of running more 5Ks. It was more a thought than a serious goal. After the race in November I still tried to run every once in a while, but didn’t kept training. Additionally, I had gained some weight because I exchanged cigarettes with pretzel rods. So, one of my goals for 2018 is to lose the 20 lbs I gained. My data (all the nice apps on my phone) showed that the difference between my thinner me from beginning of last year and me today were the pretzel rods (otherwise same calorie intake) and less daily steps and therefore also less calorie burn.

The decision for a goal was made. I want to lose the 20 lbs in the same timeframe I gained them (5 month). The two changes I must make are: no more pretzel rods and more exercise. I am trying to drink a sip of water every time I feel the urge to reach for a pretzel rod and until now that works pretty good.

And as a motivation for more exercise I just registered for the next 5K (on March 4th). What was I thinking? I checked the times from last years race – I am screwed! And I have only 6 weeks to train! So, why did I do that? Because I can!

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