5 tips if you plan to quit smoking

  • You must be ready

You must be at that point where you are aware of your addiction and where it starts to bother you. Most smokers are aware that they are addicted and go great length to feed that addiction. When you start to hate the fact that you are the first one to leave the dinner table to smoke a cigarette, then you’re almost there.


  • You need a good reason

Whatever the reason for your decision to quit smoking, it must be important for you. And only for you! Your family and/or friends are concerned about your health and have only your wellbeing in mind, but they can’t decide, what will be your motivation (reason) for your journey.


  • Inform yourself

There is a lot of information out there. Read it! It helps to know what to expect. And it is encouraging to know that a lot of the damage done by smoking is reversible!


  • Get all the help you need

There is no “one solution fits all”! I know people who did it the hard way (cold turkey) and I know people who did it with nicotine patches and/or gum. That wasn’t working for me, so I went to my doctor and he prescribed Chantix. That and the support of a good friend helped me. There are also a lot of groups and helplines who will help you stay on track. Whatever help you need, get it! You’re on the way to overcome an addiction! That is no walk on the beach!


  • Be aware of the positive changes

The withdrawals will hit you. If you are aware of the positive changes your body is going through they are better to overcome. The first thing that changes is your heartrate. If you can (if you have a fitness tracker with heartrate monitor for example), keep an eye on it. Then there is your sense of taste that will recover. It is amazing how much your body will change. Focus on that whenever you have the urge to grab for a cigarette!

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