I’m back

A long time has passed since my last post and a lot has happened. I don’t want to go into any detail, just so much that it involved the move of my in-laws and our own move. I practically managed both moves on my own (more or less) and it sucked a lot of energy out of me.

It also threw me completely off the wagon – in every aspect. Everything I had planned on my vision board went on hold. But like I said when I made the board, “life happens”!

What am I going to put on the agenda now?

My weight, definitely! I kept “rewarding”myself with sweet treats for all the work I did and the scale is showing that clearly!

My exercise routine! I thought I was exercising a lot with carrying all the boxes, remodeling and so on. But a session on the treadmill taught me otherwise.

Bringing this blog back to live! After all this month of radio silence it will be a challenge to write regularly again! But I have something on my mind (and my heart) that is really important to me. I will write about that in the next couple of weeks and hope you join me in my request!

Curious? That was the plan.

Stay tuned

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