I created this blog to motivate you to pursue your dreams – because you can.

As kids we usually have specific ideas for our future. We want to become a princess and/or firefighter and/or hero. While we grow a couple of years older those ideas get a bit smaller but also more reachable. Some dream of and plan for a great career, other dream of a partner and family. Whatever it is, it keeps us busy for some time. But then comes the moment when we either reached our dream or it got crushed.

I know people whose purpose in life were their kids. Once the kids grew up and left the house, those people were lost and didn`t know what to do. Or people who`s dream was a career in a special field. Once they got the position they wanted they lost all ambition.

That is the moment when we should take a moment for ourselves and think about our own future! Life isn`t over yet. There are still goals and dreams that can be reached. So, decide on a goal, commit to it, and succeed!


Make this sentence – (because) I can – your mantra. Repeat it as often as needed. And use it as an answer whenever someone asks you, why the heck you`re doing whatever you`re doing!

What is your story? What goals do you have for the future? Are you struggling with something?

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