A scary incident

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine blacked out, fell and broke his hip. Just like that.  It scared the sh…t out of me and got me thinking….

My friend is 80 years old and I’m convinced that age played a role in this accident, but it nevertheless shocks me how easy his bone broke. I once broke my arm and I also broke a couple of my fingers. Those bones are smaller than the femur and it took a lot of (unintentional) force to break them. My friend didn’t fall down stairs, he just stood up, his blood pressure plummeted, he blacked out and fell (straight to the ground without hitting anything).

Is that what we look forward to when we get older? Could that have been avoided?

I ask his doctor this question. He told me that the right treatment could have kept his blood pressure from plummeting, what caused the fall and therefore the broken femur. But that bones start to calcify and break more easily with age is something you can’t cure. You can eat healthy to slow down the process and you can exercise to build a stable “corset” around your bones. But that’s about it.

I thought a lot about this incident and came to the following realizations: If I ever have to deal with accidents/injuries like that, I hope I can hold on to my humor like my friend is doing. He is still the funniest and kindest person around who loves his wife over the moon and is thankful for every moment he has with her.

I love my hubby over the moon and I’m thankful for every moment I have with him. He encourages me to follow my dreams and supports my efforts to eat healthy and exercise every day. So, I hope that when something like that happens to me, I have my hubby at my side to love and cherish and know how to push my limits in rehab.

Work on your goals and the life you want to live. Enjoy the journey every single moment, because life can change in an instant. You will be able to deal better with changes when you are used to commit to goals and work toward them!


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