No excuses to quit

Did you hit a roadblock or fell of the bandwagon? Don’t use it as an excuse to quit because it will define you in the long run!

It’s interesting to watch a phenomenon you can see on Facebook every January. People want to change their life completely, it is all or nothing. They join certain groups, count calories and head to the gym every day. That works fantastic for the first 3 to 4 weeks, because anybody can train like a maniac and restrict himself calorie wise and have some success with it. But then suddenly something happens. That can be an injury or a simple cold and they can’t hit the gym for a week. Or they must attend an event and start eating way more than their calorie limit allows.

This is where the wheat gets separated from the chaff (German saying). There are the ones who rethink their strategy, adjust and start over. Than there are the ones (the bigger group) who quit right there and then! Not a big deal! But they will try again next year and if they fail again a pattern will form. And you really don’t want that pattern to define you!

So, no matter how huge the roadblock you hit, no matter how far you got off your track or how often you failed in the past, take a step back and think about your game plan. Did you set yourself up for failure because you wanted to change everything over night or you just took on too much? If so, adjust your plan and start again….and again….and again!! Until you are where you want to be!! And why? Because you can!!

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