An honest look back on 2017

2017 was an awesome year for me. I had 3 goals: walking at least 2017 miles, eating healthy and running my first 5k. Thanks to the support from my hubby and a good friend I accomplished all 3 and even quit smoking in the process (people who know me will tell you that that is a miracle)! I love myself and my body now, it is just sad that it took me so long.

Sounds like everything is perfect. And it almost is….but (there always is a but) on the way of reaching my goals I developed habits I am not proud of. To be honest, the first habit I developed earlier. It is the habit of hoarding. Not as bad as you can see on TV, no! But I have a hard time throwing something away. No matter which empty container we are talking about, I am convinced I can use it for something. Old clothes that don’t fit anymore? They have emotional value and who knows, they may fit again one day. The result? Every cabinet, dresser and shelf are cramped with stuff.

Another, even worse, habit is shopping. Most of my life I was overweight and therefore restricted what I could wear. That is over and, so I enjoy buying clothes (thanks to thrift stores and yard sales we didn’t go broke) and shoes and accessories. What doesn’t go well with my other bad habit, not throwing stuff away.

When the ball drops at midnight tomorrow, I will look back on a successful 2017 and I will look forward to an exciting new year where I can reach new goals. As mentioned in an earlier post I am already working towards new goals and decluttering (in small not threatening steps) will be another one. As a visual help I will make a vision board next week. I also plan on making a video about it. Stay tuned…

For my worst habit I challenge myself not to buy any clothes, shoes or accessories for me for at least 3 months. Why? Because I can!

How was 2017 for you?

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