Oooops… I did it again 😊

I registered myself for the next 5K! As mentioned in one of my posts before, I quit smoking last year (August) and started running (for the first time in my life) 2 month later – to test my increased lung function! And to motivate myself I registered for the 5K-Critter Trail (November 18th). That gave […]

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The DCS system

  In my post about the vision board I mentioned the DCS system. And today I want to explain it, because it sounds so simple, and it kind of is, but if you don’t follow some rules it won’t work.   Decide This can be tricky because we’re talking here about short-term goals and not […]

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Getting a head start at the new year`s resolutions

According to studies almost every other person makes at least one new year’s resolution. But only 8 % will still be committed by the end of the year.  Why is that? I can`t speak for others, just for myself. My new years resolutions were always general, like exercise more, lose weight or get better organized. […]

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