Getting a head start at the new year`s resolutions

According to studies almost every other person makes at least one new year’s resolution. But only 8 % will still be committed by the end of the year.  Why is that?

I can`t speak for others, just for myself. My new years resolutions were always general, like exercise more, lose weight or get better organized. These resolutions condemned me to fail from the beginning. Because they were like a huge wall, too tall to climb over. So, I gave up, usually in the first week of January.

Now I know better. I have a couple of long-term goals I`m working on. But I also have some short-term goals that could be new year`s resolutions. Only that I won`t wait till the new year to make them and that I specify them way better. My goal to run more 5Ks next year for example. Why wait till new year`s to work on that?

I looked up when the first race will be (March) and set monthly speed goals for the time till then. I`m also setting step and/or mile goals per week. So, no more huge walls for me. Rather some tiny little hurdles that are easy to overcome.

And what am I going to do at new years eve, when anybody else is making new years resolutions? I will make a wish for the new year: that we all will be healthy and well in 2018!!

What is up with you? Do you have new year`s resolutions? What are they?

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