Mommy’s little helpers

I can guess, what most of you will imagine when you read that sentence. But I must disappoint you. This post is not about cute little kids (what some of you will imagine) or alcohol/drugs/chocolate (what others will see). It’s about my addiction to digital gadgets.

My hubby says I am a tech junky and he is right. I love the development I was able to experience. I remember how I made mixed tapes with my radio/cassette player when I was a teenager. Nowadays I chose a playlist on my mobile phone and get the music right into my wireless earbuds. I love the possibilities new technology offers, from video chatting with friends who live on the other side of the world to know how many calories I burned during my morning walk. There is only one drawback: the price.

I am a fan of all things Apple. For me a visit in an apple store is the preliminary stage of…..heaven and hell! Heaven because I can play with all those new toys and browse the shelfs with the accessories. Hell, because there is no way to justify updating my gadgets every year. But let’s not get side tracked. I wanted to show you, which gadgets I use to keep me on my path.

Some of you will see that besides the high-tech gadgets, there is also an old-fashioned agenda on my table. I tried several apps to do everything I do with the agenda on my phone. But the old-fashioned paper version won. Some things I just have to jot down by hand.

What are your goals and what do you use to keep on track? Do you use a bullet journal or an app on your phone?








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