About me

A work in progress

There was this point in my life, where everything was perfect. I had found the love of my life, moved to the country I always wanted to live in, a home, a dog, didn`t need to work. But after the first high I realized that something was missing, I just couldn`t put a finger on it.





One day I heard that the American Heart Association recommends 10,000 Steps daily for a healthy heart. Since I was walking our dog daily a couple of times I was convinced, that I was doing at least those 10k steps, if not more. But I wanted to know exactly and downloaded a step counting app on my phone. Hell, was I wrong. I got barely 6,000 steps in a day. My ambition was spurred, and I started doing extra walks. That wasn`t too easy because I was overweight and got quickly out of breath. So, I decided to also quit drinking soda.











My weight started dropping and my mood started rising. My hubby loved the new me and supported me every way possible. He bought me fitness trackers, gave up his man cave and built me my own private gym. I reached my goal weight and was proud as hell at myself. For the first time in my life I really loved to get pictures taken of me.





This could be the end of a weight loss success story. But it`s not what this is about. At that point I had realized that reaching goals makes you happy but having nothing to work for starts a downward spiral. And my next goal was already decided on: I wanted to run a 5K. There was only one problem. I could walk mile after mile fast, but after running just a couple of steps I was out of breath. Only one way to change that. Quit smoking. Chain smoking (35 – 40 cigarettes a day). After 35 years of smoking. Tough battle. But guess what. I just ran my first 5K!


My hubby, my family and my friends are all (positively) astonished about the changes I was able to make at this point in my life (I`m fifty and in the middle of my menopause). And not only my weight, body and health changed. No. The biggest change happened to my character. I am way more confident now than I ever was!

Is this the end of the story? Hell no!! There are still a couple of goals I want to reach. Why? Because I can!

6 Comments on “About me”

  1. You are a beautiful human being with a strong willingness and a good character. This is what you mostly achieved. God bless you and your beloved!

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