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Merry Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. At least it is supposed to be. But there are people on this earth, who live in absolute poverty, children who starve, people who live in war zones or refugee camps, tortured animals and so on. The list is too long and too horrible to name everything. […]

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Mommy’s little helpers

I can guess, what most of you will imagine when you read that sentence. But I must disappoint you. This post is not about cute little kids (what some of you will imagine) or alcohol/drugs/chocolate (what others will see). It’s about my addiction to digital gadgets. My hubby says I am a tech junky and […]

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Getting a head start at the new year`s resolutions

According to studies almost every other person makes at least one new year’s resolution. But only 8 % will still be committed by the end of the year.  Why is that? I can`t speak for others, just for myself. My new years resolutions were always general, like exercise more, lose weight or get better organized. […]

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