An honest look back on 2017

2017 was an awesome year for me. I had 3 goals: walking at least 2017 miles, eating healthy and running my first 5k. Thanks to the support from my hubby and a good friend I accomplished all 3 and even quit smoking in the process (people who know me will tell you that that is a miracle)! I love myself and my body now, it is just sad that it took me so long.

Sounds like everything is perfect. And it almost is….but (there always is a but) on the way of reaching my goals I developed habits I am not proud of. To be honest, the first habit I developed earlier. It is the habit of hoarding. Not as bad as you can see on TV, no! But I have a hard time throwing something away. No matter which empty container we are talking about, I am convinced I can use it for something. Old clothes that don’t fit anymore? They have emotional value and who knows, they may fit again one day. The result? Every cabinet, dresser and shelf are cramped with stuff.

Another, even worse, habit is shopping. Most of my life I was overweight and therefore restricted what I could wear. That is over and, so I enjoy buying clothes (thanks to thrift stores and yard sales we didn’t go broke) and shoes and accessories. What doesn’t go well with my other bad habit, not throwing stuff away.

When the ball drops at midnight tomorrow, I will look back on a successful 2017 and I will look forward to an exciting new year where I can reach new goals. As mentioned in an earlier post I am already working towards new goals and decluttering (in small not threatening steps) will be another one. As a visual help I will make a vision board next week. I also plan on making a video about it. Stay tuned…

For my worst habit I challenge myself not to buy any clothes, shoes or accessories for me for at least 3 months. Why? Because I can!

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Merry Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. At least it is supposed to be.

But there are people on this earth, who live in absolute poverty, children who starve, people who live in war zones or refugee camps, tortured animals and so on. The list is too long and too horrible to name everything. Especially during Christmas time, we like to remember that and donate. That is absolutely fantastic and honorable.

We give for the homeless, the veterans, toys for kids and animal shelters. Another fantastic and honorable thing to too.

We just tend to forget the people right next to us. The ones who will be alone or far away from their families. The ones who lost a loved one this year and must face Christmas for the first time without that person. Or the ones who suffer from depression, who want to join the laughter and fun and just can’t.

So, this year let’s do a little more. If you have a neighbor or friend who will be alone this Christmas, go over there and bring a little joy to their house.

Merry Christmas to all of you!!

Mommy’s little helpers

I can guess, what most of you will imagine when you read that sentence. But I must disappoint you. This post is not about cute little kids (what some of you will imagine) or alcohol/drugs/chocolate (what others will see). It’s about my addiction to digital gadgets.

My hubby says I am a tech junky and he is right. I love the development I was able to experience. I remember how I made mixed tapes with my radio/cassette player when I was a teenager. Nowadays I chose a playlist on my mobile phone and get the music right into my wireless earbuds. I love the possibilities new technology offers, from video chatting with friends who live on the other side of the world to know how many calories I burned during my morning walk. There is only one drawback: the price.

I am a fan of all things Apple. For me a visit in an apple store is the preliminary stage of…..heaven and hell! Heaven because I can play with all those new toys and browse the shelfs with the accessories. Hell, because there is no way to justify updating my gadgets every year. But let’s not get side tracked. I wanted to show you, which gadgets I use to keep me on my path.

Some of you will see that besides the high-tech gadgets, there is also an old-fashioned agenda on my table. I tried several apps to do everything I do with the agenda on my phone. But the old-fashioned paper version won. Some things I just have to jot down by hand.

What are your goals and what do you use to keep on track? Do you use a bullet journal or an app on your phone?








Getting a head start at the new year`s resolutions

According to studies almost every other person makes at least one new year’s resolution. But only 8 % will still be committed by the end of the year.  Why is that?

I can`t speak for others, just for myself. My new years resolutions were always general, like exercise more, lose weight or get better organized. These resolutions condemned me to fail from the beginning. Because they were like a huge wall, too tall to climb over. So, I gave up, usually in the first week of January.

Now I know better. I have a couple of long-term goals I`m working on. But I also have some short-term goals that could be new year`s resolutions. Only that I won`t wait till the new year to make them and that I specify them way better. My goal to run more 5Ks next year for example. Why wait till new year`s to work on that?

I looked up when the first race will be (March) and set monthly speed goals for the time till then. I`m also setting step and/or mile goals per week. So, no more huge walls for me. Rather some tiny little hurdles that are easy to overcome.

And what am I going to do at new years eve, when anybody else is making new years resolutions? I will make a wish for the new year: that we all will be healthy and well in 2018!!

What is up with you? Do you have new year`s resolutions? What are they?

About me

A work in progress

There was this point in my life, where everything was perfect. I had found the love of my life, moved to the country I always wanted to live in, a home, a dog, didn`t need to work. But after the first high I realized that something was missing, I just couldn`t put a finger on it.





One day I heard that the American Heart Association recommends 10,000 Steps daily for a healthy heart. Since I was walking our dog daily a couple of times I was convinced, that I was doing at least those 10k steps, if not more. But I wanted to know exactly and downloaded a step counting app on my phone. Hell, was I wrong. I got barely 6,000 steps in a day. My ambition was spurred, and I started doing extra walks. That wasn`t too easy because I was overweight and got quickly out of breath. So, I decided to also quit drinking soda.











My weight started dropping and my mood started rising. My hubby loved the new me and supported me every way possible. He bought me fitness trackers, gave up his man cave and built me my own private gym. I reached my goal weight and was proud as hell at myself. For the first time in my life I really loved to get pictures taken of me.





This could be the end of a weight loss success story. But it`s not what this is about. At that point I had realized that reaching goals makes you happy but having nothing to work for starts a downward spiral. And my next goal was already decided on: I wanted to run a 5K. There was only one problem. I could walk mile after mile fast, but after running just a couple of steps I was out of breath. Only one way to change that. Quit smoking. Chain smoking (35 – 40 cigarettes a day). After 35 years of smoking. Tough battle. But guess what. I just ran my first 5K!


My hubby, my family and my friends are all (positively) astonished about the changes I was able to make at this point in my life (I`m fifty and in the middle of my menopause). And not only my weight, body and health changed. No. The biggest change happened to my character. I am way more confident now than I ever was!

Is this the end of the story? Hell no!! There are still a couple of goals I want to reach. Why? Because I can!

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